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DIY wedding decor ideas for a personalized touch

Updated: May 11

A wedding is a very special day, and you want everything to be perfect. But sometimes, the perfect wedding can be a bit out of reach financially. If you are looking to save a bit of money, you can still have an amazing wedding by doing your own décor.

There are so many great DIY décor ideas that will give your wedding a personal touch. From simple centerpieces to stunning backdrops, there are plenty of ways to make your wedding décor look amazing without spending a fortune.

In this blog post, we will share 27 amazing DIY wedding décor ideas that will help you create the perfect wedding on a budget.

Personalize your wedding with unique DIY details!

No two weddings are ever the same. Even if you have chosen a pre-made wedding decoration and backdrop, you can still make it look unique by adding in some personalized details. Here are some DIY wedding decor ideas that will add a fun and personal touch to your special day:

  • Customize your ceremony chairs with beautiful ribbon and fabric.

  • Create a unique cake topper that reflects your personalities.

  • Hang a banner with a special quote or message.

  • Make your own wedding table numbers with old photos and frames.

  • Hang a personalized photo collage in the reception area.

  • Create a custom wreath for your entryway.

  • Ask all your friends to write a memory about the couple for a “memory wall”.

  • Create dreamy paper lanterns with personalized quotes.

  • Place special gifts with unique messages on each table.

  • Hang a personalized banner near the entrance.

Pretty ways to incorporate mason jars into your decor

Mason jars are a popular choice for decorations when it comes to weddings. They can be used to add a rustic touch to any wedding. Here are some ideas on how you can incorporate mason jars into your wedding decor:

  • Place tea lights in mason jars and hang them in the bridal suite or reception area to create a soft, romantic ambiance.

  • Create a centerpiece with flowers in a mason jar.

  • Hang a large mason jar from the ceiling filled with fairy lights for a twinkling effect.

  • Use mason jars for wedding favors, such as small jars of candy or homemade treats.

  • Use mason jars to make candleholders.

  • Make a floral arrangement in mason jars for the reception area.

  • Use mason jars to serve drinks.

  • Place confetti-filled mason jars in the reception area for a festive look.

  • Make a chandelier with mason jars and twine.

  • Use mason jars for flower vases.

Add some greenery to your décor with these hanging succulent planters

Succulents are popular these days and make such a great addition to any wedding décor. Their funky and quirky shapes are sure to make a statement and turn your celebration into a unique and memorable event. Here are some creative ways to use succulents in your wedding décor:

  • Use terrariums filled with succulents as décor.

  • Make succulent bouquets and boutonnieres.

  • Line the aisle with succulent planters.

  • Place a big succulent planter at the entrance or near the reception area.

  • Hang succulent planters from the ceiling of the reception or bridal suite to add an ethereal feel.

  • Dot the tables with small succulent planters.

  • Fill mason jars with succulents for some extra color.

  • Use succulents as part of your cake decoration.

  • Create a hanging garden of succulents for an indoor ceremony or reception.

  • Place a variety of succulents around the reception area for a rustic feel.

Give your guests a place to put their gifts with this rustic card box

After the wedding ceremony and festivities are done, you don't want your guests to leave without being thanked for their attendance. Ensure that your guests have a place to put their gifts or cards with this rustic card box. Not only will it look cute and vintage, but it's also a great way to store your gifts and cards until the end of the night.

Here's how you can make your own rustic card box:

  • Get a wooden box and paint it a color of your choice.

  • Glue paperboard to the outside of the box for texture.

  • Make a tag for the box that can be personalized for each wedding.

  • Make sure to add some lettering to the front of the box, so guests know that it’s the card box.

  • Secure the top of the box with a latch so the gifts and cards can remain protected throughout the evening.

  • Decorate the box with strings of lights, twine, ribbons and other rustic decorations.

  • Place the box somewhere visible during the celebrations so guests know where to put their gifts.

Add a little romance to your wedding with these floating candle centerpieces

Light up your wedding venue with these romantic floating candle centerpieces! They are easy to make and can add a touch of drama and romance to your wedding decorations. With a simple set-up and some supplies, you can create gorgeous centerpieces for your wedding tables.

Here's how to make your own floating candle centerpieces:

  • Gather glass vases, candles, water-filled plastic bags and decorative stones.

  • Place the water-filled plastic bags in the bottom of each vase.

  • Place the candles on top of the water-filled plastic bags.

  • Fill the vases with water and add decorative stones.

  • Place the candles in the water-filled vases and turn off the lights.

  • Light the candles and add flower petals for a lovely romantic effect.

  • Place the vases around the wedding venue for a dramatic and romantic touch.

These pretty paper lanterns are perfect for an outdoor reception

Paper lanterns can create a soft and beautiful effect for an outdoor reception. These lanterns are also cheap and easy to make. You can make paper lanterns in any size, shape and colour. Here’s how to make your own:

  • Gather supplies like tissue paper, glue sticks, scissors, a stapler, dot and dab adhesive, a balloon or a foam ball.

  • Cut out your tissue paper into rectangles or squares depending on the size of the lanterns.

  • Place a thin layer of adhesive either on the balloon or the foam ball.

  • Place the tissue paper on the adhesive, making sure to keep the texture consistent.

  • When the entire surface is covered with tissue paper, use the stapler to secure the edges.

  • Cut a circular hole in the balloon or foam ball and insert a light source.

  • Hang the lanterns in your chosen location and enjoy the soft and beautiful light effect.

For a rustic touch, use burlap and lace to make these table runners

Using burlap and lace to create table runners can give your reception space a rustic touch. This is a great idea for those looking for an inexpensive and easy way to DIY wedding decorations. Here’s how to make your own burlap and lace table runners:

Gather supplies like burlap and lace fabric, a measuring tape, thread, needle, and scissors.

Measure the table and cut the burlap and lace fabric according to size.

Sew the fabric together using a needle and thread.

Trim away any excess fabric and sew a straight line down the middle of the runner.

Place the table runners on the tables and decorate with accents such as flowers, candles, and other pieces.

These rustic table runners will give your reception space a cozy yet beautiful look.

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