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Capture Your Unique Love Story Through the Art of MTK’s Documentary-Style Wedding Films.


Let us Take You on an Experiential Journey of Discovering and Preserving the Memories of the Most Unique and Cherished Characteristics of Your Love Story. Using High Definition Film Making, We Will Capture and Preserve the Most Beautiful Moments of Your Wedding Day Experience.


MTK’s Exquisite Love-Story Wedding Films, Documentary-Style Engagement Videos, and Full-Length Love Story Documentaries will Allow You to Share Your Memories With Those You Love and Cherish Your Unique Love Story and Wedding Experiences for a Lifetime.

Your Wedding Film


Michael and his team at MTK Video Productions are passionate about capturing the dynamic beauty of the world through film making. Their MTK Wedding Films division focuses on using human connection through the lens and offers a unique approach to wedding films that feature your love story and engage the audience in a journey through the most special moments of your wedding day. MTK specializes in capturing the most precious moments of your wedding day through high definition videography, capturing the full array of both tiny and monumental moments. Through the art of storytelling and specialized editing techniques, Michael will cater your wedding films to match your personal style and your unique love story.

Capturing Every Special Moment

Share with the world and connect with those you love by sharing your MTK Wedding Films on multiple platforms in both short and full length versions. You will receive a short love story film that features the best moments of the day and is great for sharing on social media within days of your wedding. You will also receive your full length film within 2 weeks after your wedding that includes all of the important aspects of your day, that you will be able to treasure for years to come and share it with family and friends for a lifetime.

MTK Wedding Film Short Love Story Examples: